DeformPRO 1.1

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DeformPRO 1.1

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DeformPRO is a tool developed to make mesh deformation more dynamic and user-friendly in Blender 2.90+

Dynamic Lattice(Object Mode)

When using the addon, you are provided with two Tools:

Dynamic Lattice generation and Surface Constraints

I noticed how tedious it can be deforming your objects using a Lattice, so I managed to make it work in Object mode by creating a Dynamic Lattice, lattice points which let you manipulate its target point.

Lattice points are managed well in order to increase workflow. Adding a hook point after point and having to do it all over when changing u,v,w values is a time-consuming task. DeformPRO simplifies that process.

Surface Constraint generator:

This operator allows you to add surface deformation constraints by using its click & drag feature, allowing you to deform your assets using a Laplacian Based Method. Simply enable Surface Constraint modal, & follow controls located in the bottom header. You can click on the surface of your mesh & drag for deformation proximity.


  • Add Dynamic Lattice/ Surface Deformation Constraints
  • uvwMode: Set single value to all paramaters(u,v,w(grid))
  • DeformMode: easy lattice point selection
  • Point display type/ size
  • Add dynamic lattice after applying
  • Apply as ShapeKey(name prior to applying)
  • Constraint size
  • Adaptive Deformation(enable laplacian based deformation, otherwise by target proximity)

Plans for v2:

  • New ShapeKey system(SurfaceConstraint shapekey support)
  • Lattice from selection(Editmode, Dynamic)

Blender 2.8:

Surface Constraint Deformation

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