ClothFX: Dynamic Cloth Tearing

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ClothFX: Dynamic Cloth Tearing

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Blender Cloth Effects. Made Easy!

ClothFX simplifies cloth tearing within blender by providing you with a set of tools, which allow for instant, real-time cloth tearing simulations. Below you can see the different types of tears you can generate when using this tool:

A collider object will trigger the edge splitting of the pre-teared mesh. This can be done on contact, or using proximity mode, which will tear by distance, rather than mesh collision. Here are the Trigger options as follows:

Collider object options:

  • Mesh Volume(enable on contact)
  • Proximity(trigger object distance)
  • Mesh+Proximity Volume(both)
  • Particles(use trigger object particles to define tears)
  • Collision settings(Outer/Inner)
  • Stress Parameter(Enable Dynamics)

Fast simulation workflow:

With ClothFX, you don't need to pre-bake any simulation. Tearing is done in realtime, & baked afterwards.

Custom Tear Maps:

Art direction is key in the visual effects world. The most requested feature is now supported in ClothFX & it gives you full control over your cloth effects simulations.


  • Generated/Custom Tearing
  • Make Collider(trigger object)
  • Preview Tears in Viewport
  • Irregular/Jagged Cuts
  • Enable Subdivision
  • Dynamics(Pin active vertices, Mass, Friction,Damp, Bend, Solver Speed)
  • Simulation Baking Tools
  • Export/Import Tool
  • New Dynamics system(Custom)
  • New Pinning Editor
  • Dynamic Inflate system/modifier
  • Simplified Cloth Settings UI/ UI Re-Design
  • Projection Cutting/Face-Splitting(Custom)

Updates Log:

  • Fix: Issue with panel not displaying options
  • Fix: Issue with Colliders not working when enabled
  • Fix: Displaced simulation when rendering(Fine in viewport)
  • UI improvements
  • Removed 'Dynamics' in 'Generated' mode
  • Improved Baking options(animated baking, you can now set frames before baking process)
  • Cloth Pin Editor supported in 'Generated' mode
  • Added inflate tool + export tools
  • UI updates
  • New Dynamics System(Custom)
  • Dynamic Inflate Modifier
  • Custom Tear Maps
  • Cloth Pinning Editor

NOTE: When installing, install as a zipped folder.  Once enabled, ClothFX v4 will be located in the Physics Tab. 

System Requirements:

- Minimum hardware-

32-bit dual core 2Ghz CPU with SSE2 support.


24 bits 1280×768 display

Mouse or trackpad

OpenGL-compatible graphics card with 256 MB RAM

-Recommended hardware-

64-bit quad core CPU


Full HD display with 24 bit color

Three button mouse

OpenGL-compatible graphics card with 1 GB RAM

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